24.09.2020 / kurznews

A new point of view

After three days of intensive research on the Micam, Mipel summer 2021 and the compressed lineapelle: A NEW POINT OF VIEW. We researched the updates and news for ModEurop as usual. In these challenging times it was positive to see that especially the Lineapelle special events were quite well attended. The most important news: not only brown, black and nature was shown. For sure the focus in on „SLOW is the new HOT“, with long lasting more seasonless mindest. The colour chart of ModEurop was confirmed very well, which was also confirmed by numerous discussions with leading manufacturers and tanners. The subscribers of ModEurop can feel safe as we have studied the colour and surface presentation on the trend forum. And we had the chance to see some selections of the creative teams of Jimmy Choo, Helmut Lang, and other top brands. Beside the important tones of the colour theme "Formative": like "GLOVE", "CONCRETE", "BELL PEPPER" and "BAY LEAF", especially "SWAMP" and "Steel" were seen very often. The green tones like "Forest" and "Fango" and tinted brown red tones like "Dark Scarlet" and "Cranberry" are definitely set. Black especially in lacquered aspects must be set as a base, but often also presented in blue, "Mazarin Blue" and "Rose". In times when we all felt like some glitter and pomp, the glitter and metallics were visible in "Old Gold" but also in numerous mutlicolour effects. Mystically elegant and seductive.GO GLITTERY also for textile materials. Eco and "BIOCIRCULAR" and sustainable processes were once again very clearly in the spotlight. MODEUROP colour card: some last colour cards in original leather and technical materials are still available at : https://www.modeurop.com/orderform/